Bonsai Japanese Restaurant Review

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Bonsai Japanese Restaurant on UrbanspoonThe Bonsai Japanese Restaurant in Poughkeepsie, NY is one of the best places to go in the Hudson Valley if you are looking for great sushi. There really is no other restaurant in the area that compares with their sushi menu and I would highly suggest the “David Roll” if you are looking for something a little different with a kick. Other than sushi, their menu is a little lacking with not as many cooked dishes as some other Japanese restaurants in the area.


The sushi is why you will want to go to Bonsai. Their rolls are all fresh and their specialty rolls are unique and very well made. You can expect to spend roughly 12 to 25 dollars per person for dinner depending on the amount of sushi you like and if you want any specialty rolls. I would highly recommend the dinner or lunch specials to anyone looking to get a little better deal. On weeknights, the happy hour special for sushi and regular rolls also makes your meal a little more economical than it otherwise might be. Bonsai offers all of the standard types of fish for their rolls and individual pieces, my favorites being the salmon and yellowtail.

The presentation of the sushi is also top notch. The sushi chef’s are always very good at arranging your order in an attractive manner in accordance with the amount of sushi ordered. There are no fake garnishes on the plate, just tastefully arranged sushi which is exactly what you want when ordering these types of dishes.


Overall the atmosphere has a slightly modern vibe to it with pop music playing in the background. The restaurant is small, seating only about 20 people on the inside and with room for about another 10 more outside on nice days. The wait staff are generally friendly but don’t expect a lot of small talk or conversation, they are efficient and mean business so don’t be surprised if they don’t linger at your table. While some may find this to be a turn off, I don’t mind this aspect of the dining experience. When I go out to eat, I would rather spend the time talking to the company at the table rather than to the wait staff and Bonsai’s approach allows me to do this.

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